security breaches

With the increase in number of banking outlets, security breaches are on the rise too.

security manpower to ensure high

Scaling up security manpower to ensure high security levels can be expensive.

At DeepSight, we have developed cost-efficient computer vision solutions to fulfill your security needs. Our alerts system works in tandem with your workforce to achieve unparalleled levels of security and compliance with government standards.

Excel at customer service

Differentiate your services from other brands by providing unmatched security levels.

Excel at customer service
Achieve Peak Compliance

Achieve Peak Compliance

Keep your assets safe by ensuring compliance with government safety standards.

Our solutions for banking

CCTV and DVR health checkup

Human Intrusion Detection

Covered Face Detection

Tamper Detection

Damage camera Detection

Perimeter Detection

Loitering Detection

Helmet Detection

Mask Face Detecation

Social Distancing Detection

Multiple People Detection

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